What do I need to know about the COVID Vaccine? - with Lance Pfeifer from Eli Lilly and Company


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Covid-19 Vaccines and Antibody Treatments: A Primer

As a response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry partnered with various government agencies to produce vaccines and antibody treatments with unprecedented speed.  This talk will provide the speaker’s perspective on four common types of questions that frequently come up in conversation:

1.) Are these treatments safe?

2.) Do they work?

3.) Will they be mandated and where is the line where governmental overreach is crossed?

4.) Are these treatments derived ethically?


About Our Speaker:

Lance Pfeifer received his PhD in organic chemistry from Indiana University, and upon completion of post-doctoral research at the University of California-Irvine joined Eli Lilly in their Discovery Chemistry group.  His 12 year career in chemistry yielded multiple clinical candidates in the disease states of pain, diabetes, and immunology.  In 2014, Lance moved to Lilly’s Decision Sciences group, where he served for three years as director of portfolio strategy.  Since 2017, he has provided oversight of Lilly’s late pre-clinical and early clinical immunology portfolio. Lance is an author and inventor on more than 25 peer-reviewed scientific publications and patents spanning his academic and industrial career.


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