When Should I Refinance my Mortgage? - with Rob Zuiker from Two Roads Lending


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Have you ever asked yourself: When should I refinance my mortgage?

Our speaker for the night is Rob Zuiker. Rob is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. As a loan originator, Rob possesses a rare combination of abilities that allows him to both explain home financing in clear and concise ways to the most novice of homebuyers as well as deal with the complex tax returns of a business owner. Rob’s background and training as a professional educator give him the communication skills to help people through the often choppy waters that are part of the home buying process today.

Rob’s experience as a commercial lender gives him the financial acumen to understand the needs of those whose income situation is complex. Rob’s knowledge of lending, thorough attention to detail and diligent work ethic, along with his personal skill set, make him an experienced loan officer with whom to work.

Topics covered during the presentation include the following:
“Refi’s are so confusing!”
How much will all of this cost?
What is a no-cost closing?
Is a refi only worth it if the rate falls by 1%?
What are “points” and why would I need to pay them?
Should I reduce my loan to 15 yrs?

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