In today's demanding financial environment, advisors face mounting regulatory pressures while client expectations continue to rise. The NextStep Strategic Portfolio (NSP) Program empowers you to navigate this complexity with confidence. By leveraging a curated selection of diverse model portfolios, NSP streamlines your investment management process. This, as Morningstar highlights, "frees up time to focus on other responsibilities," allowing you to shift your focus from research, trade execution, and rebalancing to strategic activities that directly benefit your clients.

With NSP, you have the flexibility to choose a portfolio that aligns with your clients' investment objectives and risk tolerance. We handle your clients' systematic and ad-hoc cash flow needs, ensuring their portfolios remain aligned with their long-term goals through ongoing rebalancing and reallocation.

By partnering with NSP, you reclaim valuable time previously spent on administrative tasks. This newfound efficiency empowers you to deepen client relationships, explore comprehensive wealth planning strategies, and pursue business development initiatives that propel your practice forward. Embrace a future where you can focus on what truly matters: fostering trust, delivering exceptional client service, and achieving sustainable growth within your practice.

Available NextStep Strategic Portfolios

  • Total Clarity Premier (TC) Models
  • Exemplar Financial Network (EFN) Models


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